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SOI: 1.1/TAS         DOI: 10.15863/TAS

Sections of the conference

SECTION 1. Theoretical research in mathematics.
SECTION 2. Applied mathematics. Mathematical modeling.
SECTION 3. Nanotechnology. Physics.
SECTION 4. Computer science, computer engineering and automation.
SECTION 5. Innovative technologies in science.
SECTION 6. Metallurgy and energy.
SECTION 7. Mechanics and machine construction.
SECTION 8. Architecture and construction.
SECTION 9. Chemistry and chemical technology.
SECTION 10. Astronomy and space research.
SECTION 11. Biology. Ecology. Veterinary.
SECTION 12. Geology. Anthropology. Archaeology.
SECTION 13. Geography. History. Oceanology. Meteorology.
SECTION 14. Journalism (history, innovations, practices).
SECTION 15. Decorative and fine arts.
SECTION 16. Music. Theatre.
SECTION 17. World history. History of science and technology.
SECTION 18. Culturology.
SECTION 19. Management. Marketing. Public administration.
SECTION 20. Medicine.
SECTION 21. Pedagogy. Psychology. Innovations in the field of education.
SECTION 22. Policy. Innovations. Theory, practice and methods.
SECTION 23. Agriculture. Agronomy. The technique.
SECTION 24. Sociological research.
SECTION 25. Technologies of materials for the light and textile industry.
SECTION 26. Radio-technique. Electronics. Telecommunications.
SECTION 27. Transport
SECTION 28. Pharmaceutical Sciences.
SECTION 29. Literature. Folklore. Translation Studies.
SECTION 30. Philosophy.
SECTION 31. Economic research, finance, innovation, risk management.
SECTION 32. Jurisprudence.
SECTION 33. Advertising technologies. Creative. Innovations.
SECTION 34. Tourism.
SECTION 35. Immovable property. Land relations




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