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Dear authors!

All submitted Your scientific papers should be prepared in accordance with these requirements. ***Download***

The minimum amount of materials from 3 pages of A4 format.

Materials are provided in the following form:

typed in Microsoft Office Word, font Times New Roman, size 10, interval - 1, all margins - 2.5 cm, paragraph - 0,75 cm, column -1.

Structure of the text of the article (in accordance with the requirements of Scopus & WoS)

- name of the SECTION (to the left);

- surname and initials of the author (right);

- information about the authors (academic title, academic degree, place of work\study);

- title of the article (in capital letters);

- abstract;

- the main text of the article;

- literature (not less than 10 links)

In English

In the form is filled in all information necessary for the processing of the DOI, SOI and etc.



- references (literature) are printed in the report in square brackets after the quotation, (first shown the number of the source, and then, after the comma, page number (e.g. [7, p. 222]);

- references to several sources indicating the pages are separated by a semicolon (for example [7, p.123; 9 p.54]);

The design of tables, formulas, drawings:

Table 1. Title.













link on the text table (table 1)

Mathematical equation:

should be typed in Microsoft Office Word in the equation editor, right, center, number of the equation, the link on the text of the equation (1)


wrap should be “in the text” link on the text (figure - 1)

Figure 1. Title.

A picture of the author (optional) is located in the article next to the names

The name of the files (file extension .doc or .docx)


invoice_Jein format (.doc) or JPEG image (.jpg)

Fill out all fields of the form.

Submission article by e-mail:

in the subject line please indicate - ARTICLE


One letter is served:

1. The form with metadata of article.

2. Article, in the format MS Word (.doc or .docx) with your report meets the requirements.

Next, your report is the editorial Board and is accepted for publication. Once this happens we will immediately inform you and will send you payment details.

You pay and send us:

3. Copy of the receipt. format (.jpg or .doc)




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