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Journal Archive * p-ISSN 2308-4944 (print) e-ISSN 2409-0085 (online) DOI: 10.15863/TAS

ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10(6) 2013

ISPC Advances in techniques & technologies, Milan, Italy

* Scientific Article *

Osadchaya YV


Impact Factor 1.500

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Language: Russian

Citation: Osadchaya YV (2013) METHODOLOGY OF ACCELERATION OF THE SELECTION PROCESS IN OSTRICHES POPULATIONS. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10 (6): 101-106. doi:

Pages: 101-106

Published: 30.10.2013

Abstract: The results of studies concerning the development of methods of early assessment and selection of ostriches to increase egg production are submitted. Found that, in general, over 14 weeks, blacked-neck ostrich egg production was 32.8 ± 1,27 eggs on average per layer, and blue-necked – 28.4 ± 0,32 eggs. Thus, the black-necked ostrich egg production was higher by 4.4 eggs. It was found a great correlation between the number of eggs laid by ostriches during the first four weeks of laying season and for the whole season (r=0.68-0.71). This is the reason for development of evaluation methodology and selection of ostriches in the case of selection for laying capacity increase. The using of a new technique provides a shorter interval between the generation ostriches for 1 year and the growth rate of breeding to increase their egg production by 0.2 eggs per year. In the event of a system is provided by the new method of accelerating the breeding process to increase the ostrich egg production by 0.2 eggs per year, or one egg in a single generation.

Key words: Laying season, selection effect, correlation coefficient, laying capacity, selection differential, ostriches, selection tempo








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