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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 09(17)2014

ISPC European Innovation, Martigues, France

* Scientific Article * Scientific Article * Scientific Article * Scientific Article *

Aliyev FY, Hasanova AM


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Language: Russian

Citation: Aliyev FY, Hasanova AM (2014) SYNTHESIS COOLIGOMERS-HEXENE WITH ?- METHYLSTYRENE. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 9 (17): 82-84. doi:

Pages: 82-84

Published: 30.09.2014

Abstract: Higher ?-olephins of oligomer and cooligomers are using in the different fields of agriculture, including, chemical of petroleum, concretely, in the production of lubricating oils; for improvement of the viscosity index of petroleum oils, as beginning material and synthetic oil for synthesis of multifunctional polymer additives. The main demand to these products is thermal stability. In order to improve thermal stability of polymer compounds, the main monomer is exposed into oligomerization with styrene. But, according to high reaction gifted, styrene as cat ion polymerization forms homopolymer which does not solve in oil and that makes difficult the amount of the styrene links to enter the cooligomer chain and separation of photopolymer from main product technically.

Key words: ?-olephins, cooligomers, oligomerization








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