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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 09(17)2014

ISPC European Innovation, Martigues, France

* Scientific Article * Scientific Article * Scientific Article * Scientific Article *

Ustimenko OV


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Language: English

Citation: Ustimenko OV (2014) DEVELOPMENT PROSPECTS OF DISTRIBUTED STORAGE OF BIG DATA. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 9 (17): 23-27. doi:

Pages: 23-27

Published: 30.09.2014

Abstract: The report presents an analysis of Big Data storage solutions in different directions. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the technology of Big Data storage, prospects of storage technologies, for example, the software DIRAC. The DIRAC is a software framework for distributed computing. The report considers popular storage technologies and lists their limitations. The main problems are the storage of large data, the lack of quality in the processing, scalability, the lack of rapid availability, the lack of implementation of intelligent data retrieval. The device features, functionality and operation methods for high -energy physics experiments DIRAC software are presented in the main part of the paper. Experimental computing tasks demand a wide range of requirements in terms of CPU usage, data access or memory consumption and unstable profile of resource use for a certain period. The DIRAC Data Management System (DMS), together with the DIRAC Storage Management System (SMS) provides the necessary functionality to execute and control all the activities related with data.

Key words: distributed storage systems, Big Data, software framework, Pilot Jobs.








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