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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 06(26) 2015

ISPC Education & Innovation, Avignon, France

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 1.500
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Hidirova MB, Latipova NH


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Scientific Object Identifier:*06(26)16


Language: Russian

Citation: Hidirova MB, Latipova NH (2015) ECONOMIC SYSTEMS REGULYATORIKA IN CRISIS CONDITION. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 06 (26): 71-75. Soi:*06(26)16 Doi:

Pages: 71-75

Published: 30.06.2015

Abstract: In this article we consider questions of economic systems regulyatorika in the crisis conditions. As an example the competition of two firms on a uniform sales market is considered. Concrete researches have shown existence of the general regularities of violation of their stable behavior: stability loss of balance position, selfoscillation, transition to unpredictable behavior with further turning to destructive changes – their entry into the mode of "black hole" – bankruptcy. In the field of dynamic chaos there are "r-windows" with the oscillatory mode of decisions that testifies to possibility of local behavior correction of economic systems in anomalies zone for preparation of global process of system withdrawal in area with stable functioning.

Key words: economic systems, crisis, functional-differential equations, chaos, "black hole" effect.








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