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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 06(26) 2015

ISPC Education & Innovation, Avignon, France

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 1.500
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Semenjuta OG, Danchenko EA


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Scientific Object Identifier:*06(26)17


Language: Russian

Citation: Semenjuta OG, Danchenko EA (2015) TRANSFORMATION OF MODERN BANKING ON THE BASIS OF ISLAMIC BANKING. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 06 (26): 76-84. Soi:*06(26)17 Doi:

Pages: 76-84

Published: 30.06.2015

Abstract: Relevance of research in the field of Islamic banking is due not only to the interest of bankers innovative for traditional banks financial products, but also a variety of interpretations of the theoretical foundations of Islamic banking, as well as a discussion of the need to use the experience of Islamic banks in the traditional financial system. The aim is to study the theoretical foundations of Islamic banking in the understanding of the leading scientists of the CIS countries, as well as identifying the arguments in favor of using the experience of Islamic financial institutions in the global financial market in order to diversify risk in times of crisis. The Results. 1. The Islamic economic model is widespread, which determined the interest of economic and scientific communities in the implementation of its experience in the traditional financial model in order to minimize the risk of crises and the formation of a more stable financial system. 2. The reason as significant differences in the understanding of the categories of Islamic banking is a different understanding of the object of study. When studying the content of Islamic finance, particularly Islamic banking, it is necessary to rely on the concept of "modern Islamic banking" and "Islamic banking model" / "Islamic Banking". The basic arguments of opponents of the introduction of Islamic banking experience. It is concluded that the Islamic banking business model has a specific set of properties that advance sustainable development not only banking but also the financial market as a whole. Therefore, in practice, the use of the characteristic features of the business model underlying Islamic banking is a promising direction in the task of generating innovative banking products and services and the modernization of modern banking on the basis of risk diversification among the participants of economic relations.

Key words: traditional banking model monotheistic banking, Islamic banking, banking Orthodox, Jewish banking, financial crisis, banking products, money, stability of banks.








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