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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 03(35) 2016

ISPC Technological advances, Philadelphia, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Damirova ZV


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Language: English

Citation: Damirova ZV (2016) THE ROLE OF ICT IN THE SCHOOL COURSE OF PHYSICS. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, 03 (35): 84-92. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 84-92

Published: 30.03.2016

Abstract: The article is devoted to some problems of the education system. It is about the application of Information and Communication Technologies in the education system. Statement of the problem in the general form and its connection with the important scientific and practical tasks. In the conditions of information society the modern teacher must not only possess professional knowledge and skills well, but also be able to adapt himself to the rapid processes both in the professional and public spheres of life, and use the means of new information technologies, be competent, able to participate actively in the public life, self-realize and constantly develop himself. Therefore, the problem of professional development of the teachers becomes very topical, and the issue arises what namely and how it is necessary to change on the enhancement training courses, in order that a modern teacher meeting the requirements of time could provide the high level knowledge acquisition by the pupils based on the modern approaches and methods of teaching. Moreover, it should be noted that in the modern world the informatization of education is one of the priority directions of modernizing the native system of education, human training to life in the information society on the assumption of global transformation. This puts the certain range of requirements to the teacher: he must be able to work with computer equipment, own the certain information-computer technologies. As practice shows, in the process of distance learning in most cases teachers are limited with placing of lecture courses in electronic form and with the implementation of automated testing system in the control stage. This article discusses the methods of organization of independent work in terms of distance learning of physics.

Key words: education, information, technology, teaching, distance learning, independent activity, long-term different level tasks, working abstract, component, structural element, integrative model of teaching process.








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