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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10(126) 2023

Philadelphia, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Zhanatauov, S. U.

Competencies implementing analytical abilities.

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Language: Russian

Citation: Zhanatauov, S. U. (2023). Competencies implementing analytical abilities. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, 10 (126), 262-276. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 262-276

Published: 30.10.2023

Abstract: The article has developed a system of 4 semantic equations with 13=9+4 semantic variables: meaning (y1), meaning (y2), meaning (y3), meaning (y4), meaning (z1),…, meaning (z9), satisfying the matrix semantic equality of the form meaning(Zm9)=meaning(Ym4C#49), where meaning(Zm9)=meaning(z1)(…(meaning(z9), meaning(Ym4C#49)=meaning(Ym4c#1)(meaning(Ym4c#2)(meaning(Ym4c#3)(meaning(Ym4c#4). This matrix semantic equality corresponds to the matrix equality for numerical z-, y-variables modeled as matrices: Zm9=Ym4CT94. The developed 4 semantic equations have 4 semantic solutions - knowledge (new extracted knowledge), cognizing 13 competencies (teach (y1), develop (y2), motivate (y3) and others), introducing analytical abilities to students (with a ban on dismissal). Visualization of the mutual dynamics of curves (variability values of z-, y-variables from matrices Zm9,Ym4) of knowledge about “weights” (from C99) and z-, y-variabilities in a model with 9 z-variables, 4 y-variables showed dynamics model values of unmeasured competencies: teach, develop, motivate, critical thinking (z1); determination (z2); analytical skills (z3); leadership (z4); communication skills (z5); creativity (z6); ability to work in a team (z7); multitasking (z8); punctuality.

Key words: competencies, analytical abilities, multi-sense equation with known and unknown semantic variables, Cognitive Model of Analytics Competencies.








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