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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 10(90) 2020

Philadelphia, USA

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p-ISSN: 2308-4944 (print)

e-ISSN: 2409-0085 (online)

Year: 2020

Issue: 10

Volume: 90

Published: 30.10.2020

Pages: 470


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1. Abdushukurov, B.
Genealogic analysis of the vocabulary of «Qisasi Rabghuzi».

2. Jumanazarov, U., & Ergashev, A.
Poems about the youth of Sahibkiran Amir Temur.

3. Madrahimova, R. S.
The hero in the background in literature and his artistic function.

4. Niyazova, M. B.
Critical thinking and using interactive tools methods in teaching foreign languages.

5. Ergashev, T. E.
Innovation, human capital and youth in an informed society.

6. Alibekov, D.
Socio-philosophical basis of educational system development.

7. Khamraeva, M. A.
Ideology of independence and interpretations of image of Amir Temur.

8. Khumoyiddinov, A. T.
Human and nature in the works of Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev.

9. Kuchkinov, K. K., Kurbanova, D. B., & Shoinazarova, V. K.
Linguocultural peculiarities of English proverbs and their Uzbek equivalents.

10. Norboyev, N. N.
The most ancient chess in the world detected in Uzbekistan.

11. Muslimova, D. R.
Historical roots and modern view of tolerance on the example of Uzbekistan’s experience.

12. Sherov, M. B.
Evolution of philosophical views on creative thinking.

13. Narzieva, G. A.
Communicative aspect of internet media.

14. Badalov, K., & Ibadov, R.
Description of phantom field in de sitter iмpulse space.

15. Ergashev, J. S., Nazarova, M. A., & Abduraufova, S. Q.
Research of production of kindergarten children's clothes on the basis of analysis of knitted fabrics with high physical and mechanical properties.

16. Saparov, B. B., & Kuyliev, T. K.
Spiritual heritage as a worldview factor in the development of society.

17. Rustamova, D. R.
Development of the securities market of the republic of Uzbekistan.

18. Baykuzieva, G. A.
Problems of development of fruit and vegetable industry in Fergana region and their solutions.

19. Isomitdinova, G. K.
Some features of clusterization of the fruit vegetable industry in the Fergana region.

20. Oteniyazova, G. J., & Atajanov, H. A.
The impact of global climate change the Aral sea region and coverage of the theme in the local media.

21. Davletov, I. K.
Improving the investment efficiency and mortgage lending in housing construction.

22. Khalmuradov, R. I., Khudoynazarov, K., & Omonov, S.
Determination of the parameters of the stress fields of the rock mass around the vertical working of the circular cross-section.

23. Kurpayanidi, K. I., & Ilyosov, A. A.
Problems of the use of digital technologies in industry in the context of increasing the export potential of the country.

24. Akilov, J., Jhabbarov, M. S., & Gaybulov, Y. S.
Stress modelling on the plunger at operation of the holes mining n-Newton oil.

25. Bordukh, D. O., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V., Belysheva, V. S., & Volkova, G.
Opportunities of economic and industrial policy for the social development of small cities in the southern federal district and NCFU regions for the production of import-substituting products.

26. Bordukh, D. O., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V., & Volkova, G.
Methodological bases for effective management of production activities of enterprises in small cities of the SFU and SCFU regions for the production of competitive products.

27. Bordukh, D. O., Blagorodov, A. A., Prokhorov, V., Volkova, G., & Tikhonova, N. V.
On the importance of socio-cultural orientation on quality management in the production of import-substituting products at enterprises of small cities in the Southern federal district and north Kazakhstan region.

28. Ablazov, N. X.
Organization of accounting in modern conditions.

29. Atabaeva, Z. A.
Population involvement in business and family business development in regions in the conditions of the global crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

30. Gulmurodov, A.
History of the railway system of Uzbekistan: international relations and the birth of a new profession.

31. Satimova, O.
From the history of the Uzbek (Turkestan) diaspora in Germany (early XX-XXI centuries).

32. Makhmudov, S.-A.
General characteristic of the intellectual transport component of smart city management on the example of the experience of Uzbekistan.

33. Khasanov, Z.
The role of religious reconciliation in maintaining peace and tolerance in Uzbekistan.

34. Yusupov, M. S.
Philosophical analysis, definitions and classification of the concept of “health”.

35. Musalimov, S. I.
Ways to enhance the mechanism of calculating and paying land tax in the republic of Uzbekistan.

36. Atadjanov, G.
Friendship of literature - friendship of nations.

37. Zhanatauov, S. U.
Measurement of variability of unmeasured indicators of individuals.

38. Rustamov, R. R., & Elboyeva, S. B.
The evolution of the system of spiritual propaganda.

39. Shahobiddinova, S. H., & Popov, D. V.
Sources of reproductable verbal complexes in mass culture texts.

40. Sayidova, G. Y.
Structural-compositional analysis of simile in the poetry of Alisher Navoi.

41. Safarov, I. I., Ishmamatov, M. R., Kulmuratov, N. R., & Маrasulov, A. M.
Natural oscillations of viscoelastic conical shell.

42. Kholmuminov, A. A., Kosimov, A. S., & Pardaeva, K. Z.
Nanofiber layered materials based on biocompatible polymers.

43. Ahmedova, D. A.
The matters of algorithmization and the system of exercises.

44. Pazilova, N.
Teaching speaking to the third grade with the technique walk in my shoes.

45. Nunev, S. T.
Current problems of the social work profession and education in Bulgaria.

46. Sayfutdinov, T. I., & Akmatova, A. T.
Theoretical questions of the etymology of operational and investigative activities.

47. Sayfutdinov, T. I., & Akmatova, A. T.
Prevention and features of investigation of crimes associated with car thefts.

48. Atadjanov, S. S., & Indiaminov, R.
Application of high-precision iterative techniques to improve the efficiency of encoding and decoding.

49. Khotamkulova, M. S., & Zaynalov, J. R.
The importance of inflow of foreign direct investment in Uzbekistan.

50. Tokhtiev, S. R.
The image of moses in classical Uzbek works.

51. Khamrakulov, G., Sarimsakov, A., Khamrokulov, M., & Abdulakimov, I.
Identification and safety assessment of goods from polystyrene.

52. Khamrokulov, M., Xasanova, D., Ibragimov, T., & Kamolova, M.
Identification and control of the polyolefin code on the commercial nomenclature of foreign economic activity.

53. Ganiyev, A., & Zinatullayev, Z.
Tax and zakat collection system of the Bukhara emirate during the 19th century.

54. Kodirova, S. A.
Ideological and artistic features of «Zarbulmasal».

55. Yurchenko, O. I., Chernozhuk, T. V., & Kravchenko, O. A.
Atomic-absorption and atomic-emission with inductive connected plasma detection of nickel and zinc in oil.

56. Mamadiyarov, A. J.
Study of spindle unit dynamics metal cutting machine.

57. Ahmedov, H. H.
The role of formal method in Russian-Uzbek literary relations.

58. Sayitkulov, I. A.
Reflection the system of concept of Sahibkiran in the “Timurnoma”.

59. Xudoyberdieva, M. K.
Test charged particles around regular black holes immersed in magnetic field.

60. Yusifzade, A. A., & Farzalizade, F. M.
Investigation of the physicochemical properties of some oil shale in Azerbaidzhan.

61. Karimova, N.
Innovative educational technologies at the university: innovative portfolio technology.

62. Yuldasheva, U. S.
Impact of economic efficiency on the economic power of the application of quality management system in textile enterprises of the republic.

63. Xudoyberganova, S. K.
Analysis of income tax from individuals in Uzbekistan.

64. Chemezov, D., et al.
Comparative analysis of characteristics of water and industrial oil flows in the pipeline with the diffuser.

65. Isroilova, G., Azimova, K., & Amonova, M.
The effect of vitamin D deficiency on the formation of the reproductive system in girls.

66. Nizametdinov, N. G.
The spiritual and practical similar points of Yoga and Sufism.

67. Xudoyberganova, S. K.
Accounting and analytical support for internal audit of fixed assets in commercial organizations.

68. Sobitova, R. S.
Scientific and theoretical bases of localization of industrial production.

69. Sobitova, R. S.
Localization of production as a tool of modernization.

70. Jumayev, B. X.
Using interactive methods and modern information technologies in developing teaching.

71. Madalov, N. E.
Linguopsychological changes in an adult when learning a foreign language.

72. Uralova, O. P.
Comparative semantics of parental (father and mother) lexeme proverbs in English and Uzbek languages.

73. Fоzilov, O. Y.
Lingual analysis of some paremiological units comparison in Uzbek and English languages.

74. Mamatkulova, M. M.
Discussions in the educational process of the university as a form of development of the methodological competence of students.

75. Mamatkulova, M. M.
Development of independence of students in lessons-conferences in universities basis for development of methodological competencies.

76. Gaffarova, G. G., Khaitmetov, R. K., & Madalimov, T. A.
A strategy of action as a complex system.

77. Gulamov, S. S., Gulamov, S. S., & Shermukhamedov, A. T.
Digitalization of the education system in Uzbekistan.

78. Salomova, L.
The national archive of Uzbekistan is a source on the history of the Turkestan ASSR water department.




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