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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 05(121) 2023

Philadelphia, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

De Lara, F. D. G.

Customized Portable Pizza Oven: its development and acceptability related to Garvin’s and Tam’s frameworks.

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Language: English

Citation: De Lara, F. D. G. (2023). Customized Portable Pizza Oven: its development and acceptability related to Garvin’s and Tam’s frameworks. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, 05 (121), 52-56. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 52-56

Published: 30.05.2023

Abstract: Cooking equipment is a need, especially for businesses that cater and serve food in large quantities, as well as for educational institutions that offer courses on food preparation, for instance, Cebu Technological University (CTU), where the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management program is being offered and students dealing with food preparations. As a result, it is acceptable to satisfy their desire for a portable pizza oven. This research determined the effectiveness and the acceptability of the Customized Portable Pizza Oven as Supplemental Laboratory Equipment in Hospitality Management Cooking Subject and used the quasi-experimental method approach. The Customized Portable Pizza Oven meets the required standards and is a thorough guide in Hospitality Management Program. The prior art related to portable pizza ovens, the Cooking Apparatus is a multipurpose cooking apparatus adapted for multipurpose use as a grill, oven, stove, or patio heater. It has a chamber with straight walls and a hinged cover, a single gas burner, a cooking zone with one or more grills, an exterior drip tray, an anti-flare grease diverter, a burner and grate subassembly, and a cook-top cover. The respondent groups' assessments of how well the created customized portable pizza oven adhered to Garvin's quality dimensions. Substantial differences between respondent groups' opinions on whether the customized portable pizza oven is acceptable. The technology management of the customized portable pizza oven model. It is recommended that the Customized Portable Pizza Oven be adopted and utilized for Hospitality Management Program Supplemental Laboratory Equipment for instruction and Community Extension activity.

Key words: Customized portable pizza oven, prior arts, technical requirements, design and features, labor and materials, ergonomics and safety.








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