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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 07(27) 2015

ISPC Intelligent technologies, Marseille, France

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 1.500

Kozlowska D, Ryszkowski W


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Language: Russian

Citation: Kozlowska D, Ryszkowski W (2015) HEATHY ALTERNATIVE OFFERINGS FOR TOURISTS SITES IN NORTH-EASTERN POLAND. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 07 (27): 151-162. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 151-162

Published: 30.07.2015

Abstract: Health education should provide the overall development of fitness and efficiency; health improvement; immunity; inurement; ageing prevention; full physical strength, mental recovery; satisfaction of health needs; and respect for your health and life. The health function is connected with reducing the stress and fatigue which results from biochemical and physiological changes experienced in day to day life. The study aimed at evaluating the level of health function based on the opinions of guests who were staying in chosen tourist sites in north-eastern Poland. It was assumed that the highest levels of health function could be found at either a Jacwisko- Prussian settlement, on a Masurian farm or at an ecological farm during a safari event. The survey was conducted among 22 guests and its results showed that the Masurian Farm had the best conditions to realize the health function (health function- 54.93% and holiday resort function- 58.79%). The farm serves natural food such as homemade bread, butter and other products. The presence of typical farm animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, goats, fur-bearing animals and poultry helped with mental and physical recovery. The next two tourist attractions also rated highly with the following results: the agro tourist farm called Silaine (with health function- 51.64% and holiday resort function- 52.21%) and an estate Gize Marczak (with health function- 44.56% and holiday resort function- 48.06%). These results show that the assumptions formed in the article were not completely confirmed.

Key words: health function, holiday resort function, tourist site.








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