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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 07(27) 2015

ISPC Intelligent technologies, Marseille, France

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 1.500

Matyakubova TR


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Language: English

Citation: Matyakubova TR (2015) POETIC CHARACTER AND ITS SPECIFIC FEATURES. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 07 (27): 40-43. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 40-43

Published: 30.07.2015

Abstract: The impact of the Eastern literature to the poetry of the Uzbek academician poet Gafur Gulam has been learnt by this article. Through the model of the analyses of poems by the poet poetic character and its specific features have been observed. And also the scientific-theoretical opinions on the specific depiction style and approach, scenic ideas concerning to the Eastern poetry, which have been ahead for formulation the individual style of Gafur Gulam to be talked.

Key words: Poetry, lyric feeling, sense, philosophical pithiness, inheritance, figurativeness, simplicity, coherency, motive, fairy tale, oral epic, blessing, scolding, proverb, parable, sayings, lyric character, outlook, style, cross impact, individuality, authentic ideal, literary-depictive means, idea, content.








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