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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 11(67) 2018

Philadelphia, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Khan, B., Fatima, A., & Khalil T. A.

Complications of intra uterine contraceptive device.

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Language: English

Citation: Khan, B., Fatima, A., & Khalil T. A. (2018). Complications of intra uterine contraceptive device. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, 11 (67), 307-309. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 307-309

Published: 30.11.2018

Abstract: Objective: To determine complications of intra uterine contraceptive devices among females of childbearing age. Design and Duration: This is an observational study of cross sectional type. It was started in December 2017 and completed in May 2018 comprising on total duration of 6 months. Setting: This study was carried out in Gynaecology and obstetrics ward of Jinnah Hospital Lahore. This is a tertiary care hospital with 2000 beds. There is gynae ward with 150 beds and having all facilities. Patients and methods: Female patients presented to gynae out-door of the study hospital during study period with complications of intra uterine contraceptive device were included in this study. Presenting complaint of these cases were abdominal pain, fever, missing thread of IUCD, misplaced IUCD signs of peritonitis after perforation of uterus secondary to misplaced device. Few patients presented with conception in spite use of IUCD. Data was compiled and analyzed in SPSS software. Consent was taken from patients and permission was also taken from medical superintendant of the hospital for conducting study. Results: There were 50 cases reported in outdoor of gynae with complications of IUCD. Age of these cases was 15-40 years with mean age of 28.4 years. There were 25 cases between 15-25 years, 15 cases between 26-35 years, 10 cases above 35 years. Missing thread of IUCD was seen in 5(10%) cases, abdominal pain in 17(34%) cases, heavy irregular menstrual bleeding reported in 10(20%) cases, conception while using IUCD in 8(16%) cases and recurrent urinary tract infection reported in 10(20%) cases. Conclusion: Intra uterine contraceptive devices are widely used among females in child bearing age. There are few serious complications of these devices one of them most common is misplaced IUCD.

Key words: IUCD, contraceptive methods, recurrent UTI, dilatation and curettage.








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