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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 02(70) 2019

Philadelphia, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Rakhimov, K.

The description of the sufi maqams and hals in the "Sharh at-Ta‘arruf".

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Language: English

Citation: Rakhimov, K. (2019). The description of the sufi maqams and hals in the "Sharh at-Ta‘arruf". ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, 02 (70), 26-36. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 26-36

Published: 28.02.2019

Abstract: The maqams and hals are the most important elements of Sufism as they represent the stages and conditions of the mystical path. Since the early periods in the history of Sufism, the different opinions about the classifications of the maqams and hals have been expressed by Sufi authors. In this regard, the description of the maqams and hals have special importance in the Persian encyclopedic work on Sufism titled the "Sharh at-Ta‘arruf li-madh’habat-tasawwuf" which was written by the 11th century Central Asian author Khoja Abu Ibrahim Isma‘il bin Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah al-Mustamli al-Bukhari. In this work the author takes a special approach to the issues of the maqams and hals in Central Asian Sufi schools. The present article will examine the methods of description of maqams and hals in addition to their analyzing their characteristics in the "Sharh at-Ta‘arruf".

Key words: Sharh at-Ta‘arruf, Mustamli, Sufism, maqam and hal.








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