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ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science 07(99) 2021

Philadelphia, USA

* Scientific Article * Impact Factor 6.630

Usmonov, N. N., & Ostonakulov, T. E.

Influence summer of siderate cultures on fertility of soil, the crop and quality of the potato.

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Language: Russian

Citation: Usmonov, N. N., & Ostonakulov, T. E. (2021). Influence summer of siderate cultures on fertility of soil, the crop and quality of the potato. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science, 07 (99), 77-82. Soi: Doi:

Pages: 77-82

Published: 30.07.2021

Abstract: The purpose of the research is to study the influence of various siderate crops on the growth, development, yield formation, yield and seed quality of potato varieties, as well as soil fertility elements, and on their basis the selection of the best siderate and varieties, allowing to obtain a stable high healthy seed potato. In 2016-2019, studies were carried out on old-irrigated medium loamy typical gray-earth soils with a groundwater table of 6-8 m. The soils were characterized by favorable agrophysical properties and a low content of humus, nitrate nitrogen, mobile phosphorus, and an average content of exchange potassium. We studied early ripe varieties Kuvonch-1656m, mid-early varieties Bahro-30, Sante, Kondor, Arizona and Bardoshli-3 for the following summer and winter siderates - rapeseed, oil radish, barley, peas, mustard, and peas+oil radish. determined growth (plant height 71.6-219.6 sm), development (density of bushes per 1 m2 103.4-556.2 pcs.), biomass yield (19.3-35.1 t/ha) and seeds (rapeseed - 22.7-24.3 c/ha, gray mustard - 17.8-19.6 c/ha, oil radish - 22.0-23.5 c/ha, peas - 26.7-28.6 c/ha, barley - 83.0 - 85.1 c/ha) pure and mixed crops of green manure crops; With these siderates, studied their influence on the mechanical components of the soil (in the arable layer the share of macro-aggregates is 13.4-25.9%, and of micro-aggregates 24.7-27.6%), physical (bulk density decreased by 1,23-1,31 g/cm3), and water properties (an increase in water permeability by 71.0-124.7 m3/ha), soil fertility (an increase in humus by 1.17-1.22%, nitrate-nitrogen - 12.38-33.56, mobile phosphorus - 31.37 -43.25, exchangeable potassium - 311.4-326.2 mg/kg of soil, the degree of weed infestation - 7.4-17.5% or not exceeding I and II points, an increase in the number of earthworms in 3.1- 6.3 times); Potato plant development (the growing season lengthened to 2-10 days, 67.2-83.6 cm high; multi-stem 4.2-5.7 or more 1.1-1, 8 pcs; powerful tops 404.4-495.3 g), formed not productive, healthy (yield of tubers 617.5-998.8 g, number of tubers - 6.7-11.2, average weight of one tuber - 76.2-93.1 grams) bushes and crops, yield (22.8 -27.7; 30.7-39.6 t/ha) and (marketable yield 29.8-39.1 t/ha, yield of seed tubers 21.2-29.2 t/ha, multiplication factor within 6.4-8.6) with high seed qualities of various varieties of potatoes; When planting seed tubers of the studied potato varieties grown after the best siderates the growth, development, yield and seed qualities were studied after green manure crops, and when cultivated as a two-yield crop - field germination (95.8-98.6%) of seed tubers, productivity, plant infection (apparent: 7.6-8.8 latent: 23.3-26.7%) viruses and yield (21.5-31.0 t/ha, the proportion of degenerate tubers less than 3.3-4.1%) of early and mid-early potato varieties, promising medium-early varieties were identified and green manure crops for specific local conditions.

Key words: siderate crops, sideration, green fertilizers, biomass, growth and development, vegetation period, potato varieties, leaf surface area, productivity, yield of commodity and seed crops, reproduction coefficient, seed quality.








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